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NVivo and we can help 
Complete your thematic analysis with ease using NVivo
You have collected text based data as part of your qualitative research. Perhaps you have open-ended survey responses, articles, social media research, content from the web, advertisements, movies or podcasts.
Where do you start with your analysis?
That's where NVivo and we can help.
NVivo is as powerful qualitative analysis software that gives you one-click access to word frequencies and key words in context, allowing you to identify patterns in your content across various text and data sources. Organize and analyze your content to discover deep insights while asking further questions of your content through queries. NVivo can help you find connections and understand underlying themes and patterns that will help inform and support decisions. 
Organize your content by looking for for emerging themes or topics, find words or discover concepts using text search and word frequency queries. Add annotations to record your insights and use visualization tools to discover deeper meanings.
We use NVivo to help you with your thematic analysis:
  • Work with a variety of text data and sources, including text documents (interview transcripts, open-ended survey responses, journal articles), social media posts, web content, images and videos.
  • Quickly organize, store and retrieve data.
  • Easily cluster sources based on the words they contain.
  • Conduct text searches and word counts through word frequency queries.
  • Group words according to synonyms and other lexical associations.
  • Examine themes and structure in your content.
  • Visualize your findings.
  • Support findings with detailed evidence.