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Studio Leonardo - The Statistical Agency is a company run by owner Leonardo Miljko providing freelance statistical consultancy in a wide range of areas. 
The Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services is providing freelance statistical consultancy in a wide range of areas. Our speciality is the application of statistics to medical research and clinical trials, but we are also experienced in the use of statistics in many other areas including finance, education, agriculture etc.

The Statistical Agency provide statistical consultation and data analysis services to scholars, researchers, academicians, and non-profit organizations. Our consultants hold PhD and Master’s Degree in statistics, econometrics, mathematics, science, engineering, psychotherapy, medical and pharmacology. We are based in Europe and in the past we had the opportunity to work with clients from a wide variety of areas, including biology, biostatistics, business management, clinical trials, education, engineering, epidemiology, forest, linguistics, market research, nursing, psychology, social science, and veterinary medicine. We have been providing private statistical consulting services to researchers and scholars since 2005. In addition to our own expertise we are able to contract additional specialist statistical expertise, either local or overseas, as required.
We are happy to give advice on all statistical issues, and also to undertake detailed statistical analysis. The length of projects undertaken can range from a single hour of advice to the analysis of large and complex datasets. See the services page for a more detailed list of services offered.