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Certificates, training, education
Certificates of successfully completed training are presented only from persons who have successfully completed the training and given written consent to the publication of data on the website of
"Statistical Advice and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko gew." ( www.StatistischeDatenanalyse.de and www.StatistischeBeratung.de ) and
"Statistical Agency Studio Leonardo": ( www.Statistical.Agency  and www.Statistika.co ).
Template - SAMPLE-Certificate of Completion This certificate is awarded to Leonardo Miljko For successfully completing the The Statistics Educational Center Studio Leonardo course and examination on the topic of

Milenko Marić 

Ana Burić 

Adna Špago 

doc. dr. sc. Matija Landekić 

Amila Marić 

Mirjana Bošnjak 

Ivana Ćorić 

Mirjana Bošnjak 

Mario Šimić