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Our experienced team ensures that you receive the best possible statistical support for your clinical research project. At Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko we offer you a wide range of services to carry out your study efficiently and on time.
Our team of experienced statisticians will support you at every step of your study, from study design and randomization to sample size calculations, statistical consulting and data analysis. We have extensive experience programming analyses, tables, figures and listings to give you the reporting accuracy you need.
In addition, we also provide Statistical Modeling, Data Analysis, Academic Research Support and Medical Article Review. If you need pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data to support your study, we can also help you analyze and model that data. We also offer statistics training to ensure you and your team have the skills and knowledge to successfully complete your study.
We are committed to providing you with quality services and solutions to ensure the success of your clinical trial. Choose Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko for your statistical needs.

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Statistical Consulting - How to get the right results
Statistical analyzes play an increasingly important role today. From medicine to economics, from the environment to social research - data analysis helps to gain important insights. However, it is often difficult to select the right methods and carry out the analysis correctly. This is where the "Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko" comes into play.

Writing reports - tips and tricks for successful report creation
Reports are an important part of working life and are required in many industries to document and share important information. Whether in academia, business, or medicine, writing reports requires specialized knowledge and skills. In this article, we give you some tips and tricks for creating reports successfully.

Statistics training: The perfect preparation for successful data management
Statistics are now among the most important instruments in modern data management. Companies must not only be able to collect data correctly, but also to analyze and evaluate it. That's where stats training comes in, which can help you gain these skills.

Data Analysis: How companies can benefit from examining their data
In a world where more and more data is being generated, data analysis is becoming increasingly important. Data Analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the aim of making inferences about that information. These inferences can help companies use their data to spot new opportunities and make better business decisions.

Academic Research Support: Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko
An important prerequisite for a successful academic career is well-founded research work. The statistical analysis of the collected data also plays a decisive role. At Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko we support a number of scientific research projects by providing comprehensive statistical services.  

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Data analysis is an important part of many scientific researches, but it is also playing an increasingly important role in the business world. Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is an approach that makes it possible to gain an initial overview of the structure and relationships of data through a comprehensive visual and descriptive analysis.