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Survey advice
Surveys are an essential part of research and business development. The aim is to collect information about people's opinions, attitudes and behavior. However, it is crucial for the success of a survey that it is methodically correct. This is exactly where the Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko comes in.
Leonardo Miljko's experts offer comprehensive survey advice, ranging from assessing questionnaires from a methodological point of view to reviewing survey designs. Attention is paid to the implementation of standards of good scientific practice in order to achieve meaningful results.
Advice on the content, graphics and technical design of questionnaires also plays an important role. The focus here is on the needs of the customer and the requirements of the target group. A representative and meaningful sample is also ensured by professional participant recruitment and sampling. Return control is also carried out by Leonardo Miljko's experts.
A special focus is on consulting for online surveys. Special aspects such as the design of the questionnaires for online use, data security and data protection are taken into account.
Thanks to Leonardo Miljko's comprehensive survey advice, a successful survey is guaranteed. Customers can rely on meaningful and valid results that can serve as a basis for decisions.
Survey consulting, statistical consulting, data analysis, methodology, standards of good scientific practice, study designs, participant recruitment, sampling, online surveys
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Learn more about Leonardo Miljko's comprehensive survey consulting. From the assessment of questionnaires to the recruitment of participants and sampling, the experts offer a professional and methodically correct implementation of surveys. Guaranteed meaningful and valid results as a basis for decisions.
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