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SPSS und Statistik-Prüfungsvorbereitung für Studenten

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SPSS and Statistics exam preparation for students
Statistics is an integral part of many majors. However, the statistical exams and oral exams often pose a challenge for many students. In particular, the complex calculations and the high level of requirements often make the exam material difficult to understand.
Leonardo Miljko offers Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis for students who have difficulties preparing for the statistics exam. With his individual exam preparation, he supports students in preparing for statistical exams and oral exams. Leonardo Miljko prepares students specifically for their exams by individually adapting the exam material to their needs and level.
In addition, students can use Leonardo Miljko to calculate statistics for homework, exercises and old exams. The calculations are explained in detail to ensure a better understanding of the material. Leonardo Miljko also assists the students with the processing of examination material such as lectures and scenarios as well as the clarification of terms and the recognition of connections.
Another focus of Leonardo Miljko's offer is the preparation for e-exams in statistics, for example with MS Excel. Here, students can acquire the necessary knowledge and be specifically prepared for the exam.
All in all, Leonardo Miljko offers comprehensive support in preparing for the statistical exam for students. Individual support and targeted preparation are the focal points of his work.
Statistical exam preparation, statistical advice, data analysis, homework, exercises, exams, e-exams, MS Excel
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Statistical exam preparation and statistical advice: Leonardo Miljko supports students in preparing for statistical exams and oral exams as well as in calculating statistics for homework, exercises and old exams. With targeted preparation and individual support, students are prepared for e-exams in statistics.
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