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Questionnaire assessment - An important step for successful data analysis
Careful assessment of the questionnaire is a crucial step on the way to successful data analysis. Whether for a scientific study, market research or a customer survey: the quality of the results largely depends on the quality of the questionnaire.
A professional assessment of the questionnaire can help you to identify and eliminate possible weaknesses. Leonardo Miljko and his team from Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko offer you a comprehensive questionnaire assessment. All aspects of the questionnaire are scrutinized by experienced experts. From the wording of the questions to the arrangement and the answer scale, everything is put to the test.
With a questionnaire review, you can ensure that your data analysis is built on a solid foundation and provides meaningful results. In addition, possible sources of error can be identified and avoided at an early stage.
Statistical advice and data analysis Leonardo Miljko offers you a full service package for your online surveys and surveys. Whether it's creating questionnaires, data processing or evaluation - Leonardo Miljko's team is at your side with professional advice and comprehensive support.
Use Leonardo Miljko's many years of experience and comprehensive know-how for statistical consulting and data analysis for your questionnaire assessment and data analysis. Contact the team today and get advice!
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Survey advice
Surveys are an essential part of research and business development. The aim is to collect information about people's opinions, attitudes and behavior. However, it is crucial for the success of a survey that it is methodically correct. This is exactly where the Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko comes in.

Survey Processing: Save time and focus on results
As a business or researcher, you may want to conduct surveys to gather data from your audiences. But entering and verifying survey data can be time-consuming and tedious. That's where Leonardo Miljko Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis comes in, a Europe-based company offering statistical consulting and collaborative services.

Online surveys - full service for online surveys
In today's world, surveys and data analysis are becoming increasingly important to identify customer needs or conduct market research. With the advent of the Internet, survey methods have changed and there are now numerous ways to conduct surveys online. But how can you ensure that the results are meaningful and valid? This is where Leonardo Miljko's statistical consulting and data analysis comes into play.

Online surveys: A fast and effective method for data collection
In today's digital world, there are numerous ways to collect data. One of them is online surveys. Online surveys offer the advantage that they can be carried out quickly and inexpensively. In addition, the reach is greater because the respondents are not tied to a specific location.