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Plagiarism check
Plagiarism is a no-go in science
However, as numerous plagiarism affairs in recent years have shown, the discovery of plagiarism by third parties can have serious consequences for the (academic) reputation.
Plagiarism can be intentional, but does not have to be
In the case of plagiarism, however, it is not always the case that the person concerned intentionally wanted to commit theft of intellectual property. Rather, it plays a role that students inadvertently smuggle unmarked takeovers into their work during the stress of their thesis. It also happens that only the title or the abstract of a source is read and this is then included as evidence in the work, although assumptions contrary to the facts to be substantiated may be made in the full text. In plain language this means: You don't need bad will for a plagiarism, a brief moment of waning attention is enough.
If, after completing the manuscript of your bachelor, master or dissertation thesis, you cannot claim with a clear conscience that you have never plagiarized, we recommend that you carry out a plagiarism check. Any plagiarism can be found quickly with this process and it is still possible to edit the manuscript at a later date in order to dispel even the smallest doubt about your academic independence. By the way, you get a clear conscience towards yourself in this way.

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