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Expert interviews: A scientific method on the rise
In recent years, expert interviews have become increasingly important as a scientific research method. They are increasingly used in bachelor, master and doctoral theses in particular. Students have to consider a few things when conducting expert interviews. From the careful selection of the appropriate experts to the design of the interview guide and the transcription and evaluation, there are a large number of specifications and recommendations that must be taken into account.
It is particularly important for prospective researchers to make the procedure for expert interviews as comprehensible and repeatable as possible. This is where expert statistical advice and data analysis, such as that offered by Leonardo Miljko, can be very helpful. With his many years of experience in the field of data analysis and statistical evaluation, Leonardo Miljko supports students in evaluating the data from expert interviews in a targeted manner and in achieving valid results.
In addition to the technical expertise in statistical evaluation, Leonardo Miljko also offers support in conducting expert interviews himself. He can provide advice on the selection of suitable experts or help with the formulation of the interview guidelines. In addition, Leonardo Miljko also offers training courses and seminars in which he introduces the participants to the methods of data analysis and statistical evaluation in detail.
Conclusion: Expert interviews are an important method of scientific research, which is particularly important for students. Competent statistical advice and data analysis, such as that offered by Leonardo Miljko, can help to achieve valid results and make the procedure for expert interviews transparent and comprehensible.
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Learn more about expert interviews as a scientific method and how competent statistical advice and data analysis as offered by Leonardo Miljko can help students in the evaluation of data from expert interviews. Contact Leonardo Miljko for more information.
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