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About me: A statistical consultant for data analysis
Hello everyone! My name is Leonardo and I'm a computer scientist and an absolute statistics nerd. I am a member of MENSA www.mensa.ba and www.mensa.de  , INTERTEL of USA www.intertel-iq.org  , CATHOLIQ www.catholiq.org .
Data and numbers have always accompanied me professionally and my reputation as a computer scientist and statistics nerd quickly became known among my colleagues, which led to many requests for statistical assessments and advice. I can now look back on more than 15 years of experience in this field.
In the end there was only one logical step left for me, namely to turn my hobby into a career. Since then (for more than 15 years) I have been able to accompany students on a short part of their journey to the completion of their work. Statistics and quantitative methods are a valuable way of gaining knowledge for scientists, students and companies - but sometimes they can also lead to problems. As a freelance statistician, I am your partner in all statistical difficulties.
My offer includes advice in the context of empirical projects, data analysis and programming and is aimed at students, scientists and doctoral candidates as well as companies and institutes. Consultations can be arranged by email, in person, by phone or via WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or MS Teams. As analysis software I mainly use SPSS, AMOS, NVivo and Excel, but I also have many years of experience with R and Stata.
Most important of all: we love what we do. This makes us successful and will also affect your work! You are not just a customer for us! You will receive excellent support - we promise you that! Read the reviews from our customers. The ratings speak for themselves.
Keywords: statistics, data analysis, consulting, SPSS, AMOS, R, Stata, programming.
Metatext: In this article you will learn more about the freelance statistician and data analysis consultant Leonardo Miljko and his range of consulting services in the context of empirical projects, data analysis and programming. Read customer reviews and learn how Leonardo Miljko, as a partner, can help you in all statistical difficulties.

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