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Vorbereitung - Mathe-Statistik-Klausuren für Schüler / Abiturienten

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Preparation - math and statistics exams for students / high school graduates
Preparing for math and statistics exams can be a real challenge for many students and high school graduates. Statistics in particular can quickly become confusing due to the many terms and connections. A well-founded understanding of statistics is of great importance for many courses and professions.
In order to facilitate the preparation for mathematics and statistics exams, we from "Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko" offer targeted support. Our focus is on clarifying statistical terms and recognizing connections. We clearly explain the theoretical basics of statistics and apply them directly to typical tasks. We work on intensive statistical tasks together with our students and high school graduates in order to deepen their understanding and skills.
Our teachers have many years of experience and are really good math experts. With their help, our students and high school graduates regularly achieve good grades in their mathematics and statistics exams.
Our offer is aimed at various target groups, including exam preparation for statistics in the basic math course and in the advanced math course, preparation for math exams and learning for math work and exams in the intermediate level. But we are also the ideal contact for statistical examinations in evening high schools, evening high schools and universities of applied sciences.
Trust us from "Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko" and benefit from our many years of experience in mathematics and statistics exam preparation. We help you to successfully pass your mathematics and statistics exams.
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Prepare for mathematics and statistics exams with "Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko". We offer targeted support in clarifying statistical terms and recognizing connections, as well as a clear explanation of the theoretical basics of statistics using typical tasks. Our experienced teachers will help you achieve good grades and provide support for different audiences, from exam prep to middle school and night high schools.
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