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Statistical analysis refers to the tools and techniques which bring meaning to data, drawing out insights, solutions and evidence.  
Generally, this involves inspecting, cleaning and transforming the data to generate useful and relevant results which are backed up by scientific and mathematical rigor.
The assistance we have provided has ranged across general data analysis from small data packets to processing large and complex data sets, statistical modeling (particularly in a medical context),through application and analysis to final report, time series, simulation studies, longitudinal data analysis, survival models and randomisation tests.
The statistical analysis services we offer will unlock the true potential of your data and help you and your organisation realise the benefits locked within!
Summary Statistics
An important aspect of descriptive statistics, summary statistics are used to summarise and communicate the largest amount of data in the simplest way possible. 
Summary statistics give you the important headlines from your data making it ideal for presenting your results in a simple and effective way, whether as part of a presentation, a report or a poster. The outputs can be matched to both your needs and data-set and we always guide you through the results when they have been generated to ensure you fully understand what they mean!