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Statistical analyzes are indispensable for companies, research projects and academic work. However, comprehensive data analysis can be expensive, especially for students and young researchers. That is why Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko offers an inexpensive solution.
The prices for statistical advice and data analysis at Leonardo Miljko are calculated according to the time required. In this way, customers only pay for the services actually provided. This is a transparent method that gives customers control over costs.
Leonardo Miljko has discounted offers for students and postgraduates. These customers can get up to 50% discount on the private payer price. It's a great way for young researchers to put their research project in quality hands without spending a fortune.
For larger projects, fixed prices can be agreed to better plan the costs. This is especially useful for companies and organizations looking for long-term collaboration.
The initial consultation with Leonardo Miljko is free of charge. In an initial discussion, customers can find out about the possibilities and costs of statistical advice and data analysis. The final discussion after the analysis is also free for customers.
If you have any further questions, Leonardo Miljko's team will be happy to help. Interested parties can contact the company by e-mail or telephone.
Statistical consulting and data analysis can be expensive, but with Leonardo Miljko clients can get quality analysis at an affordable price.
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Statistical consulting and data analysis can be expensive. But at Leonardo Miljko there are discounted offers for students and doctoral candidates, fixed prices for larger projects and free initial consultations. Contact us for more information. 
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