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Descriptive statistics
Central trend measures: mean (arithmetic mean), median, modal value
Measures of dispersion: standard deviation, median
Correlation (correlation coefficient)
Product-moment correlation (Pearson correlation)
Point bisiserial correlation
Tetrachoric correlation
Rank correlation (Spearman correlation, Spearman correlation)
Dummy coding
Effect coding
T-test (mean differences in two groups)
Independent Samples T-Test
T test for dependent samples
W test (Welch test)
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) (mean differences in more than two groups)
One-way analysis of variance
Multi-factor analysis of variance
Repeated measures analysis of variance
Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)
Interactions (interaction effect)
Post hoc test
Kendall's dew
Linear regression
Binary logistic regression
Non-parametric methods
Chi-square test
Fisher test
Mann-Whitney Test (U-Test, Mann-Whitney-U-Test)
Wilcoxon test (sign test, signed rank test)
Kruskal-Wallis test (H test)
Friedman test (rank analysis of variance)
Review of prerequisites
Equal variances: Levene test, box test
Normal distribution: Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Lilliefors test, histogram
Sphericity: Mauchly test
Factor analysis
exploratory factor analysis (EFA)
Cluster analysis
Two-step cluster analysis
Discriminant analysis
Discriminant analysis
Working with SPSS
Handling the syntax
Recoding of variables
Calculating total scores / calculating variables
Box plots
Pie charts
Scatterplots (scatterplots)
Bar graphs
Line charts
Levels of scale
Polytome scale
Binary scale (binary scale)
Trichotome scale
Ordinal scale
Metric scale
Interval scale
Ratio scale
Absolute scale
Cardinal scale
Correlations (Bravais-Pearson correlation, Spearman rank correlation ..)
Independent Samples T-Test
T-test for related samples
Cluster analyzes
Analysis of variance
Factor analysis
Simple, linear regressions
Multiple, linear regressions
Logistic regression analysis
Cox regressions
Discriminant analysis
Multidimensional scaling
Mann-Whitney-U tests
Reliability analyzes (Cronbach's Alpha ...)
Kruskal-Wallis tests
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Tests
Relationship measures (χ², Phi coefficient, Cramér-V, contingency coefficient ...)
Outlier analyzes
Survival time analyzes
Kaplan Meier curves
Log rank tests
Survival function, hazards and hazard ratios
ROC curves
Fisher's exact tests
visual representations
Statistics and data processing,
Statistical advice and data analysis,
Online data analysis service,
Statistics service for students and doctoral candidates,
Statistical advice and analysis for students and scientific institutions,
Service in the areas of study planning,
Data collection,
Data analysis and interpretation of results,
graphic preparation for printing and book design,
Statistics advice on collecting consumer data,
Clinical and pharmaceutical studies,
Data mining,
Machine learning,
Big data,
Data extraction,
Data migration,
Research questions,
Formulate hypotheses,
Design of experiments,
Experimental design,
Online surveys,
Create survey forms,
Visualization of data and test results,
hourly advice & tutoring,
Market and Social Research & Marketing
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Structure and modules
Command language (syntax)
Creation of tables and graphics
Data preparation and data management
Generation of new variables and indices
Conditional and logical operations
Data import and export
Data enrichment
Aggregate and restructure
Descriptive statistics
Measures of central tendency
Dispersion measures
Measures of connection
Contingency / frequency tables
Graphical representation
Inductive statistics
Point and interval estimation
Significance tests
Examination of test requirements
Multivariate procedure
Factor analysis
Regression method
Bi- and multivariate analysis of variance
Data visualization
Extended syntax options
Ease of work
Use of macros
Automated procedures
Custom tables with Custom Tables
Individual tables with the expansion module
Create custom tables via menu and syntax (CTABLES)
Layered tables
Stacked tables
Significance tests