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How to start?
Statistical advice and data analysis are often necessary steps to obtain scientific results. However, the evaluation of the data can be very complex and therefore often requires professional help. A good solution to this problem is Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko.

But how do you start? What do you have to consider when deciding on this type of advice? Here are some important steps:
- Submit your data and the instrument if you used a questionnaire.
- Send us a study description or introduction and methodology chapter.
- Give us an overview of your study goals.
- Give us some background information about your research.
If you need help with a research proposal, concept paper or IRB application, please send us the latest draft of the report and highlight the areas you need help with.
If you have already received comments from your committee or method advisor, please send them to us as well.
Without this information we cannot give you a cost estimate. Since every research project is different in size, type and complexity, we need your specific requirements.
Let us know exactly what we can help you with.
We also need to know if you have a deadline.
How to get started? 

Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko is the perfect solution for your research results. We support you in all phases of your research.
Contact us today and let us analyze your data together.
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Statistical advice and data analysis are important steps in research. Learn how Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko can help you achieve the best results. Contact us today!
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